For situations where the 3×2 format doesn’t suit the scene or where the widest angle the lens can deliver just isn’t enough, using Panoramas or their vertical version, the so called Vertoramas, can be the solution. Vertoramas are especially usefull when I have a great foreground but also a beautiful sky. If I have to[…]

It’s easy to fill whole books describing ways to compose a photo, rules to apply and things to avoid. In this article and the accompanying video I’ll just talk about a very certain technique, which can be used to create dynamic compositions. The technique is very simple and works especially when using a wide angle[…]

I have been in Frankfurt recently. It was just for one night and I didn’t have much time for photography. But in the morning I went out to capture the Skyline at sunrise. I found a good vantage point near the train station and everything aligned perfectly with the rising sun. To cope with the[…]

I’m now practising landscape photography for more than eight years and am using photoshop for an even longer time. While working on hundreds of photos I made many mistakes along the way, which is quite natural and also the best way to learn and improve. Below you’ll find a list of 10 of my most[…]

After four days in the mountains of Bolivia, we crossed the border at Hito Cajon and entered the fourth country of our tour around the world, Chile. It struck me how abrupt the change in infrastructure was. The rough dirt roads of Bolivia were transformed into paved roads just a few 100 meters beyond the[…]

When shooting starscapes a problem I have to deal with is high noise in the images. If I can’t go with exposures of several minutes because I want the stars to appear sharp in the image, I have to increase the ISO to achieve exposure times between 10 and 20 seconds. To reduce the resulting[…]

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