As a landscape photographer it’s my desire to find and capture beauty in nature. During my travels I’m searching for spectacular landscapes, secluded beaches, grand vistas and often when I have found those places, the photos I take just don’t do them justice. But in some cases it can also be the other way around.[…]

Vilcabamba is a little town within a mountainous area in the south of Ecuador. It lies at around 1500 meters above sea level and the surrounding mountains rise up to more than 2000 meters. Although I hadn‘t seen many photos of that area I was sure that I’d be able to find some nice viewpoints[…]

Puerto Lopez

November 12, 2016 | The big Journey, Travel

After nine days on the Galapagos islands we flew back to the ecuadorian mainland to continue our travels. In Guayaquil we had a short layover before taking a bus to Puerto Lopez. A few months ago a heavy earthquake occured in Ecuador, which hit the Manabi province just 100km north of Puerto Lopez very hard.[…]

In the center of the Galapagos archipelago, right below Baltra, lies Santa Cruz. This island is not as large as Isabela, but it’s much more crowded because most of the visitors to the Galapagos Islands start their trip here. For us it was already the third stop on our travel around the world. After flying[…]

The second part of our long time travel brought us to the Galapagos Islands, roughly 1000km west of Ecuador. From Quito it was a short two hours flight to Baltra, a little island north of Santa Cruz and right in the center of the archipelago. We had only a short stop there, because on Baltra[…]

When we started planning the first part of our journey around the world our focus immediately fell to the Galapagos Islands with its marvelous creatures. But to begin our journey there would have meant a quite stressful travel with many flights in a row. So I started looking for interesting places near Quito, where we[…]

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