Maybe the most strenuous part of our journey till now were the three days of travel from Puerto Maldonado in Peru to La Paz in Bolivia. Since there were no direct flights from Puerto Maldonado or Cusco to La Paz, and the options with a stop in Lima were just too expensive, we had decided[…]

With a smartphone and the abundance of apps out there it has never been easier to travel than now. While years ago I used to print out maps, hotel reservations, sunrise and sunset times and whatever information I needed during travelling, now I have all that information accessible on my selfphone. On our journey around[…]


February 22, 2017 | The big Journey, Travel

Continuing our journey we took a flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, which lies at the shores of the Madres de Dios river in the Amazon rainforest. We had booked a 5 day, all inclusive program at Corto Maltes, so we didn’t have to worry about lodging, tours or transportation for a few days. What[…]


January 19, 2017 | The big Journey, Travel

The city of Cusco in the Andean mountains was the next stop on our journey through Peru. The picturesque red tile roofs, the cobbled streets, the colonial architecture and the surrounding mountains – all make Cusco an interesting place to explore and photograph. Our hotel was located just a few hundred meters from the Plaza[…]

After our trouble with Cruz del Sur and an 18 hour bus ride through the mountains we were glad to arrive in Cusco, although it wasn’t our final destination for the day yet. Cusco lies at around 3500 meters elevation and the air contained much less oxygen than we were used to. Everything was a[…]

Cruz del Sur

December 23, 2016 | The big Journey, Travel

Travelling by bus is very common in Peru. There are several agencies offering bus rides into all parts of the country. Some of the busses are even outfitted with so called cama seats, in which you have space comparable to that of business class seats on an airplane. Since it is much cheaper than travelling[…]

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