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A few months ago I released my newest tutorial about different Post Processing Recipes. Today I’m glad to announce that this tutorial is part of the latest MacPhun Creative Kit XXL Deal*. Let me tell you a bit more. Macphun is a company, which creates inventive post processing software for the Mac. An example is[…]

Articles about my travels

February 6th, 2013

On Kwerfeldein I have written a couple of articles about my travels. I thought it’s a good idea to share all the direct links here. The articles are in german but they are accompanied by many photos and google translate also does a good job if you’re interested in the details.

Here is a short video tutorial about how to create luminosity masks. If you haven’t heard about those masks yet, I recommend you head over to Tony Kuyper’s homepage. He’s kind of the pioneer when it comes to the usage of those masks in Photoshop and he has an extensive set of tutorials on his[…]

Since I currently don’t find the time for long blog posts and tutorials myself I at least want to share with you a recently discovered set of tutorials by Tony Kuyper. If you are interested in bringing your image processing techniques to the next level luminance masks and saturation masks might be just the right[…]

Just a short sneak post about a nice tool which you can use to blend multiple exposures in a way which gives much more realistic results than the typical HDR-Tonemapping. The tool I’m talking about is called Enfuse which is an open source project. Enfuse GUI is a free program which uses Enfuse and provides[…]

Maximum Sharpness for your Photos

February 12th, 2010

Ok again just a short post dealing with how to get the best sharpness for your landscape images. It’s more of a sum-up of some articles I read in the past. I will add some links at the end of this post. The essence is when shooting landscape images, where you want a nice crisp[…]