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It’s been a few years since I last recorded a start to finish tutorial showing my complete workflow. After many hours of recording and editing I’m proud to finally present you my second Start2Finish post processing tutorial. It shows the complete processing for one of my latest photos, which I took during a recent trip[…]

As a Landscape photographer I have to be patient and persistent. Besides that I also need a good portion of optimism. If I would just head out when the weather forecast is nice, I would miss many special moments. So when I travel I go shooting as much as possible. I usually have only one[…]

The salt in the air, the sound of the waves, the sand beneath my feet. Photographing seascapes is not only about the final photos, it’s about the whole experience. I enjoy those times at the coast, even if sometimes I return empty-handed. Part one of this little series on photographing seascapes was about preparation. Now[…]

During the seven years I’m now photographing landscapes one of my favourite subjects has always been the sea. I love to photograph rocky coastlines, steep cliffs dropping straight into the ocean, waves breaking around huge sea stacks, but also the tranquillity of secluded coastal villages. In this article I want to share with you some[…]

My favorite Photos of 2015

December 29th, 2015

Another year is nearly past and besides a Camera upgrade to the 5DsR it also brought some new photos to my portfolio. And I was able to release two new post processing tutorials. Unlike last year I didn’t travel so far. I stayed in Europe for my photography trips and visited southern France and Portugal.[…]

On the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island lies the beautiful Wharariki Beach. It’s a bit of a drive up there, especially with a campervan. Past Able Tasman National Park where most tourists will stop, you have to drive the Takaka Hill Highway. This is already an experience by itself as the views get[…]

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