No I’ve not forgotten about the panorama tutorial I promised in the last post, but hey it’s spring, one of the most interesting seasons for a photographer. The weather is so nice currently I just have to be out shooting ;-) So last weekend I went to austria to shoot europes highest waterfalls. Those falls are located in Krimml in the national park “hohe Tauern” and descend 380 meters in total through three major drops. You can hear the roaring water from miles away, just awesome. I spent two full days capturing this beauty and doing a lot of hiking. Well somehow you have to get to the upper falls and down again and with nearly 10 kilograms of camera equipment this is quite a workout.

I created a little gallery on my homepage showing the first shots. I will extend it step by step as I find the time to process the images.

Here’s my favourite shot so far. I was up 5:30 in the morning to catch the twilight at the falls. The light during this time of day is just magic and you can get a more surrealistic look on your images. This is what I was heading for. The day before I scouted the place so I didn’t need to look around much in the morning and knew where to setup my tripod. If it’s possible I usually do it that way, scouting the day before just lets you be more relaxed the day of the shoot since you already have a feeling for the place.

before sunrise at the lower falls in Krimml.

Hope you enjoy the shots and if you have the time those falls are really worth a travel, at least for the european guys.

PS: I might not be able to post here for the next 2 or 3 weeks, but I’ll be back with lots of seascape photographs then :-)


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